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The Playroom Rainbow Basket

Dimensions - These beauties measure at 7"L x 7"W x 3"H and are light enough for both little ones and adult hands. Since they are woven by hand, dimensions may slightly differ.

Multi-Purpose Use - The colors and shape are designed with versatility, functionality and fun in mind. They are perfect for color sorting activities, organizing toys and other items around the house.

Premium Quality - These baskets are woven using premium quality cotton threads and vegan suede tags. The basket is the right balance between softness and durability.

All Natural - Our baskets are eco-friendly, non-toxic and chemical-free, creating a safe environment for play and organization for your babies, children and pets.

Rainbow Collection - They are custom dyed to match the colors of the rainbow, which will allow the young minds to be inspired while adding a touch of promise in your space.

The Playroom Basket is a must-have in your home. These beauties are hand-made using 100% organic cotton, vegan suede tags and premium quality threads. Their non-toxic, eco-friendly and durable features are some of the reasons you can be assured you are bringing home something that is safe for your babies, children and pets. The Playroom Basket can be used in multiple ways, ranging from color sorting activities for your kids to organizing items around your home; your choices are endless.

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