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asymmeTric balance

The Rough and The Smooth:  Lapis Lazuli Chunks vs. Old Silver – a bold asymmetric gemstone statement necklace

length:  24”/61 cm         weight:  10.3 oz/291 g


components:  semi-precious gemstone (lapis lazuli chunks and matte round beads), large vintage silver metal rondelles


Take 14 huge graduated chunks of lapis lazuli in all their imperfect splendour, as raw, rough and intact as they were when chiselled straight from the veins of the marble mines of north-east Afghanistan, beautifully layered with crystalline marble and sprinkled with golden pyrite.


Intersperse them with matte blue lapis lazuli beads, which highlight and supplement the blue layers of the chunks but don’t compete with their rough-hewn splendour. 


Contrast them with the patina of 3 large vintage “silver” bead rondelles, strategically placed for maximum impact, and a l

large brushed nickel lobster clasp of similar texture and hue. 


The result:  a satisfying asymmetric balance achieved by the interplay of texture, shape, colour and constituent components, bold enough to make a big statement for those who dare to take it on, yet subtle enough to be considered tastefully elegant.


Make a statement with this distinctive and exclusive piece of wearable art, designed and made by me.



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