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Urban Forest Soap

Therapeutic Dead Sea Bath Salts


Let our bath salts transform your bath. 

We offer 5 different kinds:


1. Dead Sea Salt infused with pure lavender essential oil for a relaxing experience.

2. Lavender Rosemary: Lavender calms while rosemary can ease muscle aches.

3. Rose Geranium is our most classic scent & is great for relieving stress because it is an uplifting essential oil. Dead Sea salt helps to detoxify & is good for sore muscles & relaxation.

4. Spearmint: This delicious minty herb is refreshing and may ease stiffness and reduce stress.

5. Tea tree Eucalyptus: Tea tree's antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties and eucalyptus anti-inflammatory properties make this a potent combination. Invigorate your senses and ease muscular aches. Perfect as a foot soak after a hard run or as part of your pedicure !




Use two handfuls or a ¼ cup in your bath. For a healing bath, ensure that the water temperature is not too hot as this will strip the skin off minerals rather than absorb them. As always, consult your Doctor if using Dead Sea Salts as a treatment for skin disorders.

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