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SmoxArt - Art by Suzanne Moxon

Children's book - Todd, The Flying Penguin


Written and Illustrated by Suzanne Moxon
Read aloud and early readers - 30 pages
Available in hard cover and paperback

All the other penguins laugh at Todd's obsession with flying and think he is very odd. Undaunted, the resourceful young penguin devises a plan and finds a kindred spirit in Daisy. Together, they build a glider and Todd finally gets his wish to fly. In the process, Todd and his flying machine save the other penguins from a terrible fate. Now, they no longer laugh at Todd, or his crazy ideas.

Set against a backdrop of beautiful skies, and drifting icebergs, the rhythm and verse lends itself to reading aloud and will also appeal to early readers. Anyone who has ever had trouble fitting in, or been bullied for being different, will relate to these two charming penguins.

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