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Lutin de Forêt


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Crochet pixie that nourishes the daily life of young and old with magic and imagination. Enchanting and sweet pixie who is looking for his friends to share his love for his Forest and his planet. Due to its size, this pixie can travel and accompany you everywhere. He is a perfect sleeping companion (he has magical power to ward off fears). Be careful, these pixies quickly become essential for his friends. The Lutin de Forêt (forets pixies) are prankish, atypical and magical beings who enchant our days. Perfect for any occasion.
They're not just cool, they're natural, durable, and eco-friendly.

* 15 cm (6po), perfect size for little hands, for walking, traveling and accompanying friends everywhere.
*It's fibers are from responsible  cotton.
*These eyes are fixed securely with a rivet but it is not suitable for under 3 years.
*It's interior is hypoallergenic made from recycled materials.
*The fiber color does not contain any chemicals.

        Each pixie is one-of-a-kind, they are unique.

All our pixies are made with high quality cotton. They can be washed in the washer-machine with cold water. Pixies don't like the dryer, they prefer ambient air to dry themselves. And a lot of love ..

Our pixies comme with :
*Birth pinecone (see the little video)
*littlle blanket
*box made from recycled materials and compostable.

Small ideas for use:
*You can put some essential oil on the pixie's belly. It can then be easily washed off to change the aroma.
*Our pixies can be carried everywhere. You can keep them in your pockets, take them to the campsite, your pixie can accompany you everywhere. They love washing.

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