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Whipped Sugar Scrubs - 8 oz.

Our whipped sugar scrubs contain only four ingredients (sugar, coconut oil, natural colouring and essential oils)! Sugar scrubs are excellent for exfoliating the skin and removing those dead skin cells. Sugar is also more gentle to use than salt, making this scrub great to use daily.

These particular scrubs exfoliate as well as hydrate through the use of coconut oil.

Scents available:
*Vanilla Latte (Coffee-Vanilla)
*Vanilla Bliss (Coconut-Vanilla)
*Orange Creamsicle (Orange-Vanilla)
*Just Breathe (Eucalyptus)
*Lemon Tea (Lemongrass)
*Candy Cane (Peppermint)
*Simple & Lovely (Jasmine)
*Cinnamon Toast Crunch (Cinnamon-Vanilla)
*Carnival Bliss (Cotton Candy)

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