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(Set of 3) 100% Wool Dryer Balls


 Beautiful Hand Felted Dryer Balls - Set of 3

Save Money, Save Time, Save the World

They Will: 

*Cut your drying time -30 to 50% saving you money

*Reduce your environmental impact -by using less energy

*Eliminate chemical-laden dryer sheets -which pollute the air in your home and end up in the landfill

*Naturally soften your laundry -without harsh chemicals

*Save ironing time -by reducing wrinkles

*Keep your towels absorbent & fluffy -with no more waxy buildup from dryer sheets

*Will last for years and years


Easy to use - toss three (or more) balls in the dryer. They will separate your laundry providing better air circulation to increase your dryer's efficiency. The gentle action of the balls hitting your laundry will knock water particles into the air spaces for faster drying, fewer wrinkles, and softer clothes.  A few drops of essential oil can be added to the balls to naturally scent your laundry. 

Our superior quality dryer balls are needle felted by hand, then wet felted in very hot soapy water to ensure asmooth durable product that will last for years. A smooth surface will minimize lint transfer between your laundry items. Each ball is approximately 9.25 inches in circumference and weighs 25 grams, producing a ball firm enough to do the job, but soft enough to be gentle on your clothing.

Can't decide which one you want? Just pick the Surprise Me option and we will choose a delightful set for you. All our balls are beautiful!

Our hand felted dryer balls are made with clean new 100% virgin wool, an eco-friendly renewable resource. Some sets have accents in silk which is also an eco-friendly renewable resource.

The sheep thank you for enjoying a product that begins with them.

Handmade with Joy by Wendy and Janet!

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